Optical Sorting Recycling

Two Brands, One Solution


An innovative alliance bringing together over 100 years optical sorting know-how to the plastics recycling industry.


The SpydIR® range, available in two variants, is an advanced infrared sorting system that separates numerous selected polymers from a mixed stream. It uses proprietary technology and fast, highly sensitive algorithms to rapidly identify unique polymer ‘signatures’ from their infrared spectra.

SpydIR® is the only technology that uses PET BoostTM (patent pending) to improve detection of thin-wall PET, wet PET and full- sleeve labeled PET.

While other optical sorters detect material over the belt and eject some time later, NRT offers In-Flight Sorting®, which detects and ejects material in flight. In-Flight Sorting® enables the use of transmissive detection
for the highest detection strength available, and eliminates motion-related error and belt interference, increasing purity levels and hit rates.

  • Sorts 1-7 plastics in any combination
  • Sorts clear and light blue PET directly from container stream
  • Removes contaminants including PVS,PS, PETG, PLA, PC, PE and PP
  • Recovers clean PET product from polymer residue streams
  • Sort Tetra Pak®, aseptic and PE coated gabled products
  • Remove cardboard, paper and other fibers
  • Available with MetalDirectorTM to remove ferrous & non-ferrous metals

NRT ColorPlus™

The NRT ColorPlusTM Imaging System is an advanced image processing sorting system designed to target and sort materials based on precision color analysis and sophisticated form factor recognition.

The ColorPlusTM Imaging System utilizes a network of powerful high-speed processors and intelligent recognition algorithms to analyze color, transparency, opacity, and physical form factors including opaque analysis and label recognition for error-less object targeting. NRT has upgraded its ColorPlusTM technology, enabling the equipment to detect up to 50 million pixels-per-second. High resolution sorting, combined with NRT’s In-Flight Sorting® technology, allows the ColorPlusTM to distinguish the correct bottle color or opaqueness (such as clear PET) when only 1% of the material is visible.

  • Removes opaque PET, metal cans and other opaque objects from PET stream
  • Sorts operator selected PET bottles from clear PET
  • Sorts blue bottles from clear bottles without label error
  • Sorts labeled bottles from non-labeled bottles
  • Separates HDPE from natural HDPE
  • Groups HDPE by color


Available in four sizes, the SORTEX A range provides plastic recyclers with dedicated customized options to handle the most unique and challenging sorting requirements. Showcasing Bühler innovation with new advanced inspection and lighting systems, tiered chute and Label Reduction Kit, this state-of-the- art technology provides the ultimate PET and HDPE flake sorting solution, with the highest throughput in the industry.

sortexaThe SORTEX A uses rear and front ended, high-definition color cameras and broadband LED lighting to detect contaminants with up to half the pixel size of other industry solutions. Bühler’s proprietary technologies ensures the accurate removal of foreign materials in the smallest of PET and HDPE flakes for higher recovery and increased profitability. The tiered chute provides exceptional separation of PET and HDPE flakes for easier targeting while the unique SmartEjectTM system sits directly under the chute for the most accurate ejection of defective flakes and foreign materials for industry-leading reject concentration with next to no loss of good product.

  • Removes contaminants by color including PVC, PS, PA, PE and PC from clear, blue and multi-colored PET flakes
  • Removes challenging foreign materials including aluminum, metal, paper, cardboard and wood
  • Sorts clear PET flakes from colored PET flakes
  • Sorts clear PET flakes from opaque flakes
  • Sorts colored PE and PP from HDPE

Process engineered with flexibility to handle small to large capacities, the SORTEX A is available in one to five module versions, in three different frame sizes.

Buhler SORTEX E PolyVision™

Bühler’s brand-new optical sorter, exclusively designed for plastic recyclers, is equipped with the latest advancements in polymer sorting to remove non-PET flakes from clear, blue, green and jazz applications with unrivalled precision and ease.

Featuring ground-breaking PolyVision™ technology which uses a unique combination of transparent and reflective sorting simultaneously to identify invisible and same-colour polymer contaminants by their unique chemical signature, combined with a state-of-the art sided detection system and patent pending lighting for industry-leading removal of polymer contaminants such as PVC, PP and PE with minimal loss of valuable flakes.

The SORTEX E PolyVision™ is one of the most flexible optical sorters available in the industry. Designed to be paired with the SORTEX A ColorVision™ for best all-round colour, polymer, metal and foreign material removal or to be used as a 3-in-1 sorter targeting all defects depending on the application and sorting requirements.

  • Removes same-colour PVC, PP and PE flakes
  • Reduces same-colour PS, PA, POM and Silicon flakes
  • Delivers higher grade PET flakes consistently
  • Provides greater flexibility, recovery and profitability


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